Empty Plastic Bottles


Did you know that around 10 million tonnes of plastic currently ends up in the oceans every year? Or how about the fact only 7% of the 20,000 plastic bottles made every second get recycled?Saveourplanet gives you the power to change this and also gives you the information that you need to change.

Record Player


Our music collection is a way to connect to the environment in another way completely, maybe books and movies aren't your things? Music is a great way to become immersed in nature and when you resurface, I guarantee you'll want to learn everything about saving it.

Film Slate Marker


Maybe it's movie night soon and you're trying to trick the kids into watching something educational, or you're sick of the Netflix rom-coms and you feel like you need something a little more intense, our movies section has ones for the family, ones to scream at with your friends and so much more but they're all going to help you connect to the environment.

Funky Shirts

We all love shopping, whether its for clothes, stationery or everything else. Our sustainable shopping page makes sure you see how great the environmentally friendly products are. They're cheap, comfy and help save out planet

Sustainable shopping