Top 9 environmental films that will change your perspective forever

Erin Brockovich

Age rating- 15

Not only is this a true story, but it is also the most inspiring one I've heard yet. It is not about physical geography but human geography, which is just as important. Lots of strong language.

Wall E

Age rating- U

This is a movie you can watch no matter how old you are, and it's not only heartbreaking but terrifying in its own way.

The Lorax

Age rating- U

It might be a kids' movie but it's a possible future if we're not careful. It also has some pretty insane tunes.

San Andreas

Age rating- 12A

There is some proof that earthquakes

are connected to climate change.

Here's  a link to a 

website if you want to learn more: earthquakes and climate change


Age rating- 15

It's a really heavy movie, you have to make sure you're prepared for it before watching it. But after, you will want to do anything  you can to prevent it from becoming a reality


Age rating- 12

So intense! You want to scream and cry at the same time but once it's done you will sit in awe at its genius.

The Happening

Age rating- 15

Yes, this is a horror movie, and no this will not happen in the future. It's easy to get sucked into this but try to go into watching it with a bit of humour otherwise, you might go on your morning walk and start apologising to the trees.


Age rating- PG

This movie has more hidden meanings than you might think. It is very unlikely we will develop a system to control the weather but the malfunctions caused by this, though exaggerated, are what will happen from global warming

An Inconvenient Truth

Age rating- PG

I know I tricked you, this is a documentary but it's so good! Trust me, it's not boring in any way, shape, or form. Don't knock it till you try it. It is so inspiring, please please just give it a go. There is a sequel called truth to power if you enjoy it.