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Covid 19 and the environment

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Coronavirus is a horrible thing and not one to take lightly, I sincerely hope that none of your families have been affected and if they have I am so very sorry.

Today's article is going to be about the battle between the two monsters in our lives, Coronavirus, and Global warming. First, watch the video below before reading on so you can get a basic understanding.

I understand that Covid is a very raw subject currently so unlike my other posts, today will have a shortage of opinions and be based purely on facts and figures.

Data shows drops in tiny particle pollution of a third to a half in London and other polluted cities. In the United States, there has been 40% less domesticated air travel; in New York, there is a 50% decrease in carbon monoxide, and in Seattle, there is a 41% decrease in congestion. In New York, peak congestion went down 47% from the 2019 average on the morning of March 23.

The image on the far left shows pollution levels in China pre-Covid. The image closest to us shows pollution levels during Covid.

Coronavirus has had many terrible impacts, the number of deaths in the world, the number of jobs lost and the number of family members almost lost. Optimism is a hard thing to find and although these figures should definitely not be taken for granted, this pandemic has show us that is it possible for emissions to be brought down on a massive scale.

This can give us hope that we have the power to prevent global warming and although we should prevent it in a different way and not because of worldwide lock-down. Covid 19 has pushed us to prove to ourselves we are much more capable than we think we are.

The number of passengers(in millions) has gone from 4,700 to 2,200 due to Covid 19. However, it is sadly predicted to go back up to 3,000 in 2021 and no doubt keep rising after that.

Like the video said, the changes in the environment that have been caused due to the pandemic are not permanent and as we return back to normal the numbers will too. This whole website is about how you can do so much to make sure our planet stays healthy, but relying on the numbers from Coronavirus is not only ethically wrong but unreliable at most.

In the fight between our two villains, Corona is injuring Global warming for now but when Corona is eventually defeated, Global warming will still reign terror over our earth. Unless you stop it.

Wendell Berry once said, "the earth is all we have in common."

I don't know about you, but I'd like to make sure it's still there tomorrow.

Until next time, remember to be your own superhero.

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