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What's a carbon footprint?

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Your carbon footprint is the amount of carbon dioxide that are released due to your actions, don't worry it's not as bad as it seems.

The amount of carbon dioxide emissions per person is 4 tons, this is the worldwide average. This isn't the most reliable number seeing as different countries have different normal's so don't feel guilty if your result is higher than this. If it's above 16 tons you may want to think about making some lifestyle changes

Here's a reliable carbon footprint calculator.

Even if you're carbon footprint is reasonable and you just feel like getting it lower here's my top 3 tips.Most carbon calculators have three sections so I'm gonna focus on each of them separately.


If you live in the middle of nowhere I realise your car is pretty valuable so I get that using your car less might not be a viable option.

Instead, if you're really serious, you could invest in an electric car. Electric cars like a Tesla reduce carbon emissions considerably and contribute to our goal of a society dependant on sustainable energy . If you want to learn more about sustainable energy sources see our blog page.If an electric car is just something you can't invest in right now, there are many simple ways like using public transport like park and rides or buses and trains for longer journeys or even carpooling can help.

In terms of international travel, if you have a commute to another country consider the pro's and con's of moving or getting another job but if you are in a permanent situation try taking the train to and from the airport. It doesn't seem like much but it can make a difference. If the international travel is for holidays, before shipping yourself off to another country consider the holiday options near you, it would surprise you how much more relaxing a holiday can be if you don't start it off with a 5 am flight and worrying if your toothpaste is too big or whether or not you trust the aeroplane food.


Big family? If this is you trying to find an excuse to get rid of some annoying siblings, sorry mate not gonna find it here.

When you do the quiz, it kind of makes you feel bad if you have a family bigger that 3, which is quite a few people. But having a big family isn't necessarily a bad thing. Well, yes it most likely means less sleep but it also means more hands to help with the garden.

The best thing you can do to reduce household carbon emissions is use the number of people you have and reduce food waste by wearing them out on cycling everywhere and dedicating days to gardening. More people means more hands to plant trees. A big family can be a blessing in disguise.


Don't worry, I understand the importance of the protein you get from meats like beef and chicken. But for kids over 16 and adults, turning vegetarian or vegan is a life changing choice for your health and the environment. This isn't one of those health blogs, but by turning vegetarian or just giving up beef you will contribute to the demand for cattle ranching reducing and therefore less cows will be bred just to be killed and the Co2 emissions they produce will also go down.

It is a chain effect and requires a huge amount of people to show visible affects, luckily you would be joining 8% of the world population. That's 624 million people. Hopefully, it is now 624 million and 1.

Until next time, remember to be your own superhero.

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