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Greta Thunberg, our burning house

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

If you haven't seen it already, this is Greta Thunberg's' earth day speech last year and it is inspiring. Before reading on I recommend you watching this, even if you have already watched it before.

Greta Thunberg is a 17 year old climate activist, who is changing the world one step at a time, and that's all there is to it. She, as a person, has been both praised and criticised in the media, by world leaders and by the general public but that's not what I want to do today. I want to talk about her work, about her voice and about what has been named 'The Greta Effect'.

The Greta Effect

UK media regulator Ofcom has identified what it calls "The Greta Effect," which is the fact British children's use of social media to engage in online activism increased significantly 'post-Greta'.

It found that compared to 2018, more children were likely to support organisations or social causes on social media, citing an uptick from 12% to 18%.

This dramatic increase has been dubbed, "The Greta Effect" and is based on the theory Greta Thunberg and her newfound following has inspired our nations youth to act for their futures, for our futures.

Fridays for future

Fridays for future is a global climate strike movement that started in August 2018. When she was fifteen years old, Greta Thunberg sat outside Swedish Parliament every school day to protest against climate change.

"To begin with, she was alone, but she was soon joined by others. On the 8th of September, Greta and her fellow school strikers decided to continue their strike until the Swedish policies provided a safe pathway well under 2° C". #FridaysForFuture began and is still going strong, to learn more follow this link, FridaysForFuture.

I don't know about you, but Greta Thunberg inspires me to do more for the planet everyday and I hope reading this post inspires you too. If it has, read our other posts to see how you can reduce your global footprint save our planet today.

Until next time, remember to be your own superhero.

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