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How your clothes affect the environment

I don't know about you, but there's definitely something to be said about that new clothes feeling , and I'm not trying to take that away from you. Coming soon will be a new page on my website dedicated to environmentally friendly brands, but why should you look at it?

The average amount of clothes bought in the EU has gone up by 40% in the last few decades. As times change so does style, trends, and brands. Lets not forget the fact that people grow, and clothes shrink...

I know that throwing away old clothes and buying new ones is a part of life, an important part, and I am not telling you to stop doing so. All I am saying is that there are alternative ways to dispose, wash and buy clothes to the way that most people are used to.

The clothing industry accounts for 10% of global carbon emissions. With the giant factories, the inter-continent transportation, and the poor working conditions lots of clothes companies have no guidelines when it comes to the environment. If we lessen the supply and demand chain in those companies they will be forced to do something about it.

Consumers use also has a large environmental footprint due to the water, energy and chemicals used in washing, tumble drying and ironing, as well as the micro-plastics shed into the environment.

When washing your clothes, try using environmentally friendly washing detergent. Try to make sure the container is recyclable/reusable or, if possible, not plastic at all. If you see the sun shining outside, I understand if you live in Britain this is not a realistic option, try air drying your clothes to save energy.

In terms of getting rid of clothes, before just throwing them out, go down to your local charity shop and donate some clothes there. If you have younger siblings or kids, try the ancient art of hand-me-downs. If you take proper care of your clothes, this is a great way to make sure there aren't landfills filled with clothes and you can save some money.

If you want to find out more about sustainable brands, go to the clothes section on my website.

Until next time, remember to be your own superhero.

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