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Our most Eco-friendly country 2020

The goal is to make all countries sustainable and environmentally friendly but, whether we like it or not, this wont happen overnight. There are around 195 countries on our planet and some are much more climate change aware than others, but who was crowned the most environmentally friendly this year so far?


In September 2016, Switzerland made history when it became the first country to vote for implementing a green economy. Since then, it has done nothing but find new ways to become the most environmentally friendly county in the world. I'm going to split our assessment of Switzerland into 3 categories: rubbish, water and air and in the end we can see if Switzerland is worthy of the top spot.


In most towns in Switzerland, rubbish disposal and collection is charged for.

Rubbish is only to be collected if it is in bags which have a payment sticker on them. This does not apply to when you recycle, which contributes to the fact that Switzerland was in the top 5 countries for recycling in 2018 with a recycling rate of 49.7%. All trash is incinerated by modern incinerators and the incineration plants provide energy for homes so, even when they do cause pollution they're also reducing it.


Switzerland is often called “Europe’s water reservoir” due to the fact that Switzerland is renowned for the high quality of its groundwater and is the source of 6% of Europe’s freshwater reserves. The quality of drinking water is particularly high, 40% of drinking water does not require treatment before it reaches consumers.Furthermore,  Hydropower is their most important renewable energy source and accounts for 56% of electricity production in Switzerland.


Switzerland has much lower air pollutant emissions per capita than other western European countries with a similar population density. Since 1990 Switzerland has succeeded in reducing its emission of certain pollutants immensely.

Well done Switzerland! With energy powering rubbish, the cleanest water in Europe and being the 13th least polluted country in the world, I can see why you got the number one spot.

Until next time, remember to be your own superhero.

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