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Updated: Jul 3, 2020

If you're reading this blog then you are someone who wants to change the planet for the better. You are someone who realises that if we try and ignore what's happening around us it will all be gone before we know it and it will be our fault.

We live in a beautiful world with mountains and rivers that are almost too perfect but we also live in a world full of hunger,poverty,greed and most of all pollution.Human kind is amazing.We are creative and determined which makes us push ourselves to find things never before seen and never before imagined.However, one thing we are horrible at is facing consequences. Right now the world we live in is dying because we keep pushing and instead of realising this we still push until one day all that pushing is going to come back and pull us back down to reality.

This is what our planet looks like when it is untouched by human pollution

Right now countries are at war with each other and politicians are at each others throats but imagine what it would be like if everyone forgot about their own gain and every single person on the planet stopped for a bit to realise what was happening around them We as one species have enough brain power and technology to think of ways to stop pollution happening but instead we use that brain power and technology to create weapons that will harm organisms of our own species.When you read that aloud do you realise how silly that sounds?

what our planet looks like when it is affected by us

This blog will keep you posted on the latest news on pollution, links to videos and charities that give you a chance to help stop this and it will show you exactly what our world is coming to.

Until next time, remember to be your own superhero.

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