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Project Ahab

We all love musicals right?

We've all at least heard of Moby Dick but in case you don't know this timeless novel is all about Captain Ahab and his obsession with the great white whale that is responsible for taking his leg. The whole book follows the journey of him and his crew on his obsessive and reckless journey for revenge.

This is a classic piece of literature but I'm sure you're wondering what a whale hunting man has to do with the environment.

Whales are found in all the world’s oceans, from coastal areas to the deep sea. As whales lie at the top of the food pyramid, any decline or increase in their population is an indication of a change in their habitat. Studying whales has led to numerous discoveries. To this day they serve as an inspiration in the development of new technologies such as watercraft sonar and wind turbine blades.

Project Ahab is still about a man dedicating his life to whales, however in this musical a band of hippies, mystics and visionaries convert Melville’s classic story of a man bent on killing a whale, to that of a man determined to stop the killing of whales. As I said before, whales are incredibly important to our ecosystem and I believe this musical is a great way to learn to appreciate them more.

Until next time, remember to be your own superhero.

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