Top 9 songs that'll make you fall in love with the planet

Counting crows

Big Yellow Taxi

Originally written in 1970, but it is a song that is, sadly, relevant no matter what year.

Micheal Jackson

Earth song

Straight from the king of pop, can't argue with that.

Kenny Loggins

Conviction of the heart

If this doesn't make you want to help the world, I really don't know what will.

Cat Stevens

Where do the children play

I don't know where the children play, but I hope someone will be able to tell him soon.

One Republic

Truth to power

I love OneRepublic, and this song just makes me love them more.

Tom Lehr


Much happier tone to this song, at least it's straight to the point...?

Jack Johnson

The 3 R's

C'mon, we all remember belting this out in primary, I  just couldn't resist.


Monkey gone to heaven

Little bit different this time, but if you listen closely you hear how passionate this is.

Billie Eilish

All the good girls go hell

It's hard to see the environmental point of view from this but it's there, the lyrics are just as important as the notes.